Tongaat Hulett Starch: Boiler Operator Assistance

Boiler Operator Assistance


1. Assist Boiler Operator to generate steam safely and efficiently to meet required plant demand 2. Observes pressure, temperature, and draft meters on panel to verify specified operation of automatic combustion control systems, feed water regulators and stoker.


Unique skills or attributes

  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Technical knowledge
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Team work

Leadership Competencies

  • Problem Solving
  • Inspires culture and values
  • Accountability
  • Customer focus
  • Results focused
  • Personal mastery
  • Self-development
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility

Technical Competencies

  • Basic chemistry
  • Numeracy
  • Potential Problem Analysis
  • Test equipment and hand tools

General task to be done as and when required

  • Assist in preparation of the fire to light-up the boiler
  • Assist in shutting down the boilers
  • Assist the boiler operator in any request that arises on shift that is over and above the listed routine task.
  • Report any problems to the Boiler Operator that may impact on proper running of the boilers.
  • The Boiler Assistant must not make any adjustments to Boiler Controls without knowledge or authorisation of the Boiler Operator.
  • Make suggestions ad recommendation to Boiler Operator on effective running of the boilers and assist with trouble shooting and fault finding when there are problems.
  • Take water samples timeously

Task to be done daily on morning shift

  • Ensure that all consumables need to start the boilers fires are enough
  • Order salt from the stores as per process requirements.
  • Fill up the salt in the brine tanks and ensure that the correct level is maintained.
  • Assist the boiler operator by monitoring the boilers whilst he is taking coal dips and sending the report out to relevant personnel

Task to be done when taking shift over and 30 min before end of shift

  • Check floors around the Boilerhouse that are cleaned.
  • Check that all fly ash trolleys are empty and also the grit trolleys are emptied.
  • Check that all tools used at the Boilerhouse are in their places.
  • Check all coal shakers and ash belt tunnel condition of housekeeping.
  • Check the coal cart spill tray and chute is clean.
  • Sign-off the control sheet that you are happy with the hand over you given and raise all issue related to housekeeping with your Boiler operator.

Task to be done routinely and as process requirements

  • Do frequent field checks and plant inspections.
  • Take all required boiler water samples as per required standard.
  • Clean ash belt at least twice per shift or more often if required.
  • Clean all spillages that happen on your shift.
  • Perform proper housekeeping inside the boiler house.
  • Ensures that all the floors around the Boilerhouse that are cleaned
  • Empty all ash grit trolleys at correct intervals
  • Empty all fly ash trolleys at correct intervals and ensure that the trolley is fitted correctly
  • Ensure also the grit collector trolleys are that is clean
  • Check that all tools used at the Boilerhouse are in their places
  • Check all coal shakers and ash belt tunnel condition of housekeeping
  • Check the coal cart spill tray and chute that is clean
  • Remove clinkers on the boiler as and when required
  • Clear chokes and blockages from bucket elevators and supply conveyors and inspect the operation of all coal feeding system
  • Soot blow all boilers in your shift
  • Clean the ash belt three times per shift
  • Walk the coal conveyor three times per shift
  • Dig out the ash from the ash trough twice per shift

The key outputs this role contributes to the business:



  • Communicates effectively with others
  • Seeks to develop own skills and knowledge

Business Processes

  • Meets SHEQ targets & standards
  • Uses tools responsibly and effectively to complete tasks
  • Follows company policies and procedures efficiently and effectively


  • Demonstrates understanding of internal customer needs, expectations and delivers accordingly
  • Works effectively with internal and external service providers
  • Lives Company values: team, integrity, empowerment, driven to succeed, innovation.

Boiler Operation

  • Assist the boiler operator as required
  • Execute proper shut down and ensure correct start up procedures is followed.
  • Liaise with Maintenance Manager on incidents or actions that would result in not achieving daily plan.
  • Monitor process in the field on continuous basis.
  • Does troubleshooting to uncover source of problems that affects rate of steam production
  • Implement corrective actions on deviations and plant upsets

Health and Safety and Equipment Care

  • Ensure correct care and safe use of equipment in the field


  • Maintains various records and reports relative to steam plant operations
  • Monitors correct conditions and parameters in the plant during steam production
  • Ensure proper plant cleaning.
  • Perform proper housekeeping.
  • Check and report any faulty equipment to the boiler operator
  • Adhere to environmental standards.
  • Adhere to SHEQ policy
  • Do frequent field checks and plant inspections.
  • Ensures that coal, ash and water samples are taken and logged
  • Capture Data and logging of events


  • Comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment, Food Safety as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.
  • Maintains adequate housekeeping according to Company’s Procedures


  • Grade 12,  Maths and science are an added advantage
  • Experience in the operation of steam boilers or any equivalent combination of training experiences
  • Continuous Personal Development


  • Communication
  • Knowledge of steam plant safety standards and procedures
  • OHSA
  • ISO 9002/ 14000/ 2200


  • Exposure to permit to work system