Recycling Consolidated Holdings (PTY) Ltd: Handyman


Our Germiston Workshop, maintenance division, is looking for a capable and experienced Handyman to join the team. The purpose of this role is to effect and facilitate maintenance on company structures at any branch requiring such attention. Maintenance to be carried out on plumbing and electrical structures, as well as building, paving, plastering, welding, grinding, and basic woodwork needs to be satisfied at various plants/sites

Duties & Responsibilities

Job outputs:

1) Assess work needed in order to effect necessary maintenance work

2) Obtain quotes for materials as awell as generate comprehensive quotations/estimates on work to be done and materials required for each project

3) Weekly maintenance planning and scheduling to be determined with the team

4) Supervise small team to be assigned to maintenance project, depending on scale of work

5) Ensure equipment and tools are kept in good working order and are not neglected or abused

6) Maintain a comprehensive record keeping system of all maintenance work done, costs, tools used, etc.

7) Oversee outside professionals in the event work needs to be outsourced

8) Attend to the general upkeep of all buildings, grounds etc. throughout the company

Desired Experience & Qualification

Matric (N4 Beneficial)

Certificate in any trade – plumbing, building, paving, welding, Beneficial

2 – 3 years in maintenance field

Drivers’ Licence – NON -Negotiable

Minimum 3 years experience in welding NON- Ngotiable