RecruitX: Construction Site Administrative Clerk


An independent construction company specialising in residential and commercial projects, is looking for an on-site Administration Clerk in Kathu.

Duties & Responsibilities

To ensure and effective administration on site and to support the Site Manager with administrative compliance.

1.            Administrative Support Site Manager

1.1.         Ensure that all planning of Site Manager is filed and easily accessible

1.2.         Ensure that all updated planning is filed, and relevant senior personnel are cognizant of changes

1.3.         Ensure that administrative system in support of the Site Manager are kept and an effective office administration in support of construction are planned and adhered to

1.4.         Ensure that electronic communication is read and distributed to relevant people or files on daily basis

1.5.         Ensure that electronic communication is replied to by relevant people on daily basis and if reply is not possible on same day that receipt acknowledgement are sent and reply scheduled

2.            Sub-contractors

2.1.         Support the Site Manager to ensure that administrative system pertaining the appointment, measurements and payment bookings of sub-contractor are adhered to

3.            Construction and Compliance

3.1.         Ensure effective administrative system for construction

3.2.         Ensure that all QCP forms are filed according to guidelines as provided by The Head Office

3.3.         Ensure that all OHS, SHE and CLL documentation as provided by Safety Officer are filed according to guidelines as provided by The Head Office

3.4.         Ensure that all records pertaining material, tools and plant are filed and notice to order by Storeman are filed and that Site Manager knows about the notice to order

3.5.         Ensure that all delivery notes correspond exactly to Purchase Order and ensure filing of all delivery notes within guidelines as supplied by The Head Office

3.6.         Assist Site Manager in all CI/VO administration

3.7.         Assist Site Manager to sign off on all completed work

3.8.         Ensure HR management according to HR guidelines as supplied by The Head Office

3.9.         Refer all HR matters that does not fall within the HR guidelines of The Head Office to HR Manager at The Head Office

3.10.      Ensure that administration pertaining to procurement of site material are done and that planning of Site Manager regarding site material are adhered to

4.            General Clause

4.1.         The incumbent will be required to perform any reasonable request by a supervisor to help with tasks not directly described in the job description

4.2.         These tasks may not be of such a nature that specialized statutory training is required

4.3.         If these tasks are on a higher job level as the incumbent’s job description these tasks may not be required to be performed continuously for longer than three weeks without the incumbent being rewarded with an extra allowance equivalent to the difference in the incumbent’s remuneration and the remuneration of the job level the incumbent is required to perform

Desired Experience & Qualification

Proven administrative and language skills.

A qualification in Office Administration will be a recommendation and pre-requisite for senior job levels.

Incumbent must be computer literate and proficient in relevant software that are used on site.