Onderstepoort Biological Products: Boiler Operator


To support production and quality control by ensuring continuous generation of steam

Duties & Responsibilities

Ensuring that the fuel is available for the boilers* the boiler operator should light-up boiler *Raise pressure to the required working pressure*Maintain pressure to the required working pressure *Monitor parameters and water level*Steam pressure gauge reading *Inlet water pressure* Perform routine tasks: Mowbrey control test, blow down, soot blowing, Ash removal* Water condition monitoring* Bank the fire at the end of the shift* Complete logbooks of boiler performance * Complete general occurrence book and reports* Complete job cards for breakdowns* Submit job cards to Process Technician for actioning * Conduct Autonomous Maintenance by replacing broken shearing pins, replace Guillotine door cables, troubleshoot water supply issues and raise job card and inform direct supervisor* Conduct General House Keeping by ensuring that the workplace is cleaned, Storing of cleaning materials in correct place and control access to the boiler house*

Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements are a Matric/Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level * 2 years’ experience as a boiler Operator * Boiler Operators’ Certificate from an Accredited Service Provider would be advantageous * Ability to operate machinery safely and efficiently. Ability to communicate in English * Ability to write in English * Good interpersonal relations.


Paterson Grade B* A remuneration package will be offered that is commensurate with experience and qualifications of the successful candidate.