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Mr Price, also known as MRP, is a publicly traded retail company based in South Africa, well known for its focus on value. The group retails apparel, as well as homeware and sportswear, through owned and franchised stores across 14 countries, primarily in Africa. It also services customers globally through its online stores. It operates under different store names, such as Mr Price Sports and Mr Price Home, as well as a home decor store called Sheet Street.

what’s your passion?


The art of numbers and insights…

Imagine combining your love of figures with working for a dynamic organization , pioneering the art of the possible.Marketing

Dreaming up imaginative, creative solutions.

Do you dream in acronyms? If the answer is yes, then the world of advertising is probably commonplace to you. This is a world filled with wonder, intrigue and tight deadlines.Retail Operations

A part of the action-packed adventure from day one.

Are you ready for an action-packed and responsible role at the heart of our stores? If retail is your passion and you schmooze on the regular, then working at our stores should be right up your alley.Logistics/Supply Chain/Resourcing

Getting things from A to B.

You’ve heard the saying “right time, right place” – this means to make this a reality. Resourcing procures the product and logistics makes sure that all products arrive on time, to everyone, everywhere which is crucial to the business.Visual Merchandising

Bringing the product to life in our stores.

Are you ready to put your creativity to work in the world of retail? If you’re the type of person who thrives on a challenge, and has a keen eye for detail, then we need you.Call Center Operations

The world of mrpMoney, mrpMobile and mrpInsurance is waiting for you!

If dealing with figures and customers is your forte, then this is the team for you.

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