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• Once registered you will receive a personal
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1st Level
• John Doe will click on my personal link and
will be directed to a post about the
awareness of the Coronavirus.
• John Doe decides to register so that he can
also share awareness about the Coronavirus.
• I earn R10.00 because John Doe registered
through my link.
2nd Level
• Mary Jane views John Doe’s link and decides
to register using John Doe’s link.
• John Doe earns R10.00.
• I earn R20.00.
• Mary Jane will share her link to further
spread awareness about the Coronavirus
3rd Level
• Richard Roe views Mary Jane’s link and
decides to register using Mary Jane’s link.
• Mary Jane earns R10.00
• John Doe earns R20.00.
• I earn R50.00. REGISTER NOW CLICK>


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