iLaunch (Pty) Ltd: Scooter Driver


A Washer position requires a responsible, committed and hardworking individual with a passion for quality. Attention to detail and driven to deliver excellence consistently is a key requirement. Customer experience is important. Working hours will include weekends. You will report directly to the assigned Team Lead.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Operate as a member of a mobile or fixed site car wash team.
  • Undergo ongoing training as required in the MobeeWash Waterless Technique and the correct application of waterless products. This includes:
    •  Vehicle Exterior wash
    •  Multi-purpose cleaners
    •  Windows
    •  Tyre
    • Vinyl
    • Deodoriser
    •  Other products as determined from time to time
  • Understand the MobeeWash Platform (Partner App, Client App and Wash Bay Management). Training will be provided
  • You will report directly to the Team lead and in so doing will be expected to carry out all cleaning duties assigned to you which may include but not be limited to:
    • Cleaning the vehicle exterior
    • Cleaning the vehicle interior including vacuuming all carpeted areas
    • Cleaning all interior surfaces of the vehicle according to the wash specifications
    • Polishing the vehicle in accordance with the wash booking specified
    • Ensuring that any accessories taken out of the car during the car wash procedure are replaced before handing the car to the owner
    • Ensuring that all aspects of the vehicle clean are carried out diligently and in accordance with the defined  Mobeewash standards


  • Responsible and accountable for driving and maintaining a company vehicle (Scooter):


  • Ensure that the vehicle is kept clean and in good condition at all times
  • Refueling with correct fuel timeously and with the least impact on operations.
  • You are expected to respect the vehicle mechanically as if it were your own and immediately report any defect, either cosmetic or mechanical to the Operations Director or Direct Team Lead.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a satellite tracking device and all movements are recorded. The vehicle is to be used strictly for business and no private travel is allowed.
  • Any traffic speeding fines or other fines resulting from negligence will be for your personal account and deducted from your earnings in the month that they are incurred and could result in disciplinary proceedings against you.
  • The vehicle has fully comprehensive insurance and an excess is applicable should the vehicle be damaged in an accident. You will be held personally responsible for the excess if you are proven to be negligent or at fault in any accidental damage. Any change to this policy will be at the sole discretion of management on consideration of the facts.
  • The vehicle is equipped with all items required to be fully operational and able to deliver a complete car cleaning service to MobeeWash clients. This includes a cell phone loaded with the MobeeWash Partner App to facilitate receipt of bookings and interaction with the client base


  • You will be required to work over weekends from time to time in accordance with the terms and conditions as laid out in your contract of employment.

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • A valid scooter license (Requirement)
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Attention to detail and accuracy essential
  • Good communication skills
  • Must be able to work shifts
  • A motivated, self-driven individual able to perform well
  • Pass background checks


Should you not hear from us within two weeks of your application, please consider your application as unsuccessful.