Greys Personnel: Engine Rating/ Motorman

Job Description

Skills and requirements
• As per OSV Crew matrix

• Be aware and committed with the NEWS concept.
• Ensure that neither the vessel nor crew facilitate unsafe practices.
• Committed to follow up all processes, procedures, and policies.
• Take part in HSE campaign deployment as instructed by The Second Engineer or Chief Engineer
• Responsible to follow the Company´s policies as contained within the Company manual and other official Company instruction on all machinery related matters of operation, safety and environmental protection.
• The adoption of safe working practices on board as per Promar SMS and international legislation.
• Maintain a proper Engine watch (at Sea and Port) along with general surveillance of the engine spaces as instructed by the Duty Engine Officer.
• The maintenance of the main propulsion, auxiliary machinery, cargo handling and deck machinery as instructed.
• Reporting executed maintenance activities and repairs to the Duty Engine Officer.
• Ensure a good relation and cooperation with client representative on board under the Chief Engineer instructions
• The safeguarding of the owner´s and Company´s interests at all times.
• The undertaking of any other duties or instruction as required by the Company


Must be suitable experienced and certified.