BMW: Graduate / Internship Programme 2020

Location: Pretoria

The programme will include rotational, on the job training, self-learning, blended learning and technical training focus. Candidates will have to go through our hiring process to be considered. Successful candidates will join the company for a 24 months programme.

We encourage applications from a range of degrees, with strong academic results, such as:

  • Engineering Discipline with (B. Degree in Mechanical Engineering &
    Electronics Engineering)
  • Human Resource with (BA /B SocScience/BComm in Philosophy, Politics and
  • Financial Services (B. Degree in Accounting, Finance, etc)
  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Science, Analytics
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Process focused
  • Bachelor of Business/Commerce – Finance, Accounting, Economics,
    Marketing, Business Management

Qualifications and Experience

  • Completed a postgraduate degree
  • Minimum average of 65% in your field of studies (Human Resources of
  • Minimum average of 70% in your field of studies (Finance)
  • Strong desire to work in an automotive organisation
  • Proven track record of academic excellence
  • Be a curious and keen learner
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • Proven analytical skills with strong attention to detail
  • Sharp intellect, proactiveness, takes responsibility, willingness to
    change, team spirit and self-reflective
  • Passion for BMW

How to Apply

Apply Online for the BMW Graduate / Internship Programme