Ackermans jobs Available

Ackermans  is the one of the biggest store in South Africa , this store have been here for a long time , it’s sell clothe for all people . Now the store decided to increase workers so that it can grow fast also to give jobs to people who are looking for jobs, if you are interested you can check the requirement and also be part of workers ,they have to open 3000 jobs opportunity , so that they can be able to help people who lost they are jobs and people who are looking for jobs this opportunity will help many family , also will help the store to grow faster ,

People lost their are jobs because of the corona virus which occurs  around March store were forced to closed ,people were forced to stay at home, now most  for the stores has open and they are looking for workers include Ackermans . if you want to busy clothes at Ackermans you can visit any Ackermans store and shop or shop online Ackermans has updates things now , you can shop online at   shopping online is easy and fast if you do not want to visit the store you can shop online and also pay online , Ackermans has realized that if they don’t  do online shopping other people wont be able to shop during this time of lock-down.

If you are interested on working to Ackermans you  can read the  fallowing requirement and apply before the closed date when apply  make sure that you do meet the requirement of this jobs  if you do not qualify you can check other jobs on this website there are lot of jobs on this website  you can qualify for another , when you submit your  CV make sure you check you document first  so that you can the sure that you have upload right document .

The requirement
. Grade 10 and above
. Good communication
. able to use computer
Salary R 7000 – R 9 000
Full time job

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