ABC Worldwide: Afrikaans Teacher


 Our client, a private school in  Cape Town is looking to employ a permanent part-time teacher for the subject Afrikaans as of 01.01.2021
(10-12 periods a week, introduction days 07-13 January 2021;
school start 14. January 2021)

We are a modern and well- equipped international school with a diverse student and teacher body and offer Afrikaans as First Additional language.
We are looking for a passionate language teacher who has

  • a min. of 3 years’ experience teaching Afrikaans in the Middle & High School
  • a relevant teaching degree (BEd.; BA; PGCE)
  • has a passion for teaching Afrikaans (FAL)
  • experience with modern technology (Zoom, Outlook, IPads, Teams..)

The ideal candidate has IEB experience and taught at an IEB school before and enjoys working in a team.